Meet Our Team

Get to know the friendly vets, vet nurses and support staff at Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Meet Our Vets

Dr Lindsay Hay


Lindsay has been a veterinarian for more than 30 years and has been a principal at the Hospital since 1985. He is the owner of the practice and has overall management responsibility. He enjoys the medical and surgical challenges presented in veterinary practice and likes the “people” side of our work as well. He has a Master’s degree from Murdoch University, is a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists by examination in Canine Surgery and is a Member of the Australia Institute of Management.

He has been honoured in the past as “Veterinary Practitioner of the Year” by the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association and has received a Meritorious Service Award from the Australian Veterinary Association. He has been actively involved with the Australian Veterinary Association in various ways since 1976. He is presently Vice President of the Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association and is a member of the External Advisory Committee to the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

Lindsay is married to Liz and they have 3 adult children. They share their house with 2 dogs, 2 budgies and some fish. Lindsay spends his “spare” time as a dad, at the gym, at the theatre and has a keen interest in food (cooking and eating) and wine.

Dr Murray Caisley


Murray joined the practice in 1987 when he graduated from University.

He is our longest serving staff member and has broad veterinary skills in both medicine and surgery as well as special skills with dentistry and in the treatment of our native animals (particularly reptiles).

Murray is also the proud Dad of his two children.

Dr Marilyn McKenzie


Marilyn was a classmate of Lindsay at University and joined the practice in 1989 after completing an internship at the University of Pennsylvania and working in small animal practice in Sydney.

Marilyn is particularly interested in solving medical problems, in cytology and has special skills in treating birds, natives and smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Dr Lisa Christoffel


Lisa joined us at the beginning of 2001 after graduating from Sydney University with a First-class Honours degree under her arm and a lot of the latest veterinary information to share with us and our clients.

She is a local resident who attended Baulkham Hills High School and gained several years’ experience as a veterinary receptionist and assistant during her veterinary studies.

Lisa also spent 6 months working as a Veterianarian in a Small Animal practice in the United Kingdom. Lisa is married and has a very cheeky dog.

Meet Our Nurses and Support Staff

Melanie Alexander

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Melanie is a senior veterinary nurse who has been with us since 1996. She has completed her advanced certificate in veterinary nursing. She is a real all rounder and our champion “tidier upper” who is also responsible for maintaining inventory.

Mel works part time to allow her to pursue her other main interest as a singer/singing teacher with her main role now also as a Mum to her 2 boys. Mel returned to uni in 2009 to become a primary school teacher.

Mel has a big beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog named ‘Sam’.

Emily Laughton

Animal Attendant

Emily started with us as an Animal Attendant in 2010. She is currently studying her Animal Science degree at Charles Sturt University, planning to eventually become a Veterinarian.

Em has 3 lovely dogs – a Springer Spaniel named ‘Jazz’, and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ‘Rosie’ & ‘Roxy Lea’.

Em makes her long trip back from Wagga every chance she can to see her family and give the clinic a helping hand in caring for the animals.

Christine Keo

Animal Attendant

Christine started with us in 2013 as an Animal Attendant.

Christine has a little Maltese x at home named ‘Kenshi’.

Emma Adamson

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Emma started with us in 2014 as an Animal Attendant and Trainee Veterinary Nurse as she is currently studying her Cert II in Animal Studies at TAFE with plans to carry on into Cert IV Veterinary Nursing into 2015.

Emma is the proud owner of little Pug named ‘Muscles’.

Rachel Ward

Animal Attendant

Rachel started at Baulkham Hills Vet in 2009 as an Animal Attendant and has stuck with us as our star animal carer and cleaner ever since! Rach is looking to further her studies at TAFE into 2015 doing Grooming.

Rach enjoys looking after the animals at the clinic and is very passionate about animal welfare. She loves her yoga and running in her spare time.

Rach being one of our crazy cat ladies has 5 of her own – ‘Amy’, ‘Alex’, ‘Missy’, ‘Rascal’, ‘Tabitha’ and a very sweet little blue Budgie named ‘Kenny’.

Amber Kessel

Veterinary Nurse

Amber joined us in March, 2012. Ambs is an all round animal lover but especially loves her wildlife. also is is our cat wangler!

Amber has just obtained her cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and cert III in Captive animals, volunteering at Taronga Zoo and has worked back in her home town at Tasmania Zoo as well.

Amber is the proud owner of 2 lovely cats, ‘Bonita’ a cute little Siamese and ‘Kovu’ a tubby ex-cat adoption kitten from Baulkham Hills Vets and a very cheeky Sulphar Crested Cockatoo named ‘Zazu’.

Tammy Rudd

Animal Attendant

Tammy started with us in 2013 as an Animal Attendant and is currently studying her Cert III in Companion Animal Studies.

Tam absolutely loves dogs and enjoys spending her spare time looking after big and very handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback ‘Zeus’

Cass Wright

Veterinary Nurse

Cass started with us in 2014 as a Veterinary Nurse coming from Great Western Animal Hospital. She studied her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at Richmond TAFE in 2011 alongside one of our other nurses Rebecca.

Cass is one of our wildlife guru’s volunteering for Sydney Metro Wildlife Service. She enjoys keeping fit and active and spending a lot of time with her family and pets. She has an adorable Jack Russell x named ‘Khia’, a Golden Retriever named ‘Honey’, a Border Collie named ‘Roxy’ and a noisy little budgie named ‘Rori’.

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